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Let's play strip global thermonuclear war

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Taken from astolat: translations/podfic/remixes of any kind of my work are welcome! I WOULD especially love it if you post your work on the Archive of Our Own (http://ao3.org) and cite my original story as a related work there, because then I can easily link back to you from the original story.

If you make a translation/remix/etc of one of my things and don't have an AO3 account, I have invites! Email or PM me.

Fic policy: I disclose noncanon sexual relationships and/or sexual relationships that are going to be described in detail in a story. I use MPAA-ish ratings, probably a little overstated. R and NC-17 indicate explicit sexual content, and if I think that the violence described in the story is extreme I will try to mention that separately. But I tend to work in fandoms with high canon levels of violence and I may not say anything if the story is at canon-level, or if I think I've given more specific information (e.g., Mulder and Scully pursue a serial killer). If I disclose a pairing or a plot trope, I will not separately indicate that issues of consent are inherent in that pairing/trope (e.g., sex pollen, Dean becomes an incubus). I will disclose rape/noncon; however, I write a fair amount of dubious consent scenarios, and I consider dubious consent distinct from rape in fiction. If it isn't signalled by the plot trope or summary, I will try to signal dub-con. However, in several of my stories, the twist is that (at least) one character is in an altered state. My website doesn't allow html in the summaries; until I get that fixed, which may be a while since I can barely use html to create a link, I recommend you ask me about the story or read it on the Archive of Our Own where you can look at the tags. You're always welcome to ask about any story or suggest a further warning.

Other: my technological competence is on a par with that of a moderately trained chimpanzee. Maybe a poorly trained one. Also, my real life has accelerated past the point of being able to keep up with everyone on my poorly-named friendslist. Therefore, all those who are friended will stay friended, but there shall be no more (automatic) friending--though if you're the kind of person who gets that reference, I should definitely be reading you! I'm sorry I have to implement this overbroad rule, but it's a sanity requirement.
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