March 22nd, 2021

dean reading


John Scalzi, The Dispatcher: Murder by Other Means:Collapse )
Stephen King, LaterCollapse )
Katherine Addison, The Witness for the DeadCollapse )
Ben Aaronovitch, What Abigail Did That SummerCollapse )
Martha Wells, Fugitive TelemetryCollapse )
C.L. Polk, StormsongCollapse )
KJ Charles, The Gentle Art of Fortune HuntingCollapse )
David Wong, Zoey Punches the Future in the DickCollapse )
Naomi Novik, A Deadly EducationCollapse )
Genevieve Cogman, The Dark Archive:Collapse )
Stephen Graham Jones, The Only Good IndiansCollapse )
Stephen King & Joe Hill, In the Tall GrassCollapse )
N.K. Jemisin, The City We BecameCollapse )
Cherie Priest, I Am Princess XCollapse )
Grady Hendrix, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires: Salem’s Lot meets The Stepford Wives, sort of. Collapse )
Rivers Solomon, SorrowlandCollapse )
Daryl Gregory, The Album of Dr. Moreau:Collapse )

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