January 30th, 2019

rivka as ww

Random updates, the night before class starts

 1. I'm trying the federated thing but not super sure how it works/how I will use it in a way that is not like Dreamwidth. Me: https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/channel/rivkat

2. Along with Black Lightning, I am enjoying S1 of The Orville far more than I probably should. It's not exactly good, but it is trying one thing with total commitment (being Star Trek with sitcom-office-interactions among the crew who are after all doing a job that in their universe is just a job).  I'm oddly charmed.

3. I just saw an announcement for a con called FanWorks and felt good about being a norm entrepreneur.  I do think there was a point in calling the varied kinds of fan creativity we wanted to preserve "fanworks"--"works" has a politics around labor and desert, and while it takes the focus off of the process of creation, which is valuable in and of itself, I think we needed that at the time because it was the material and immaterial artifacts that we needed to publicly protect and defend.

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