November 24th, 2003

rivka as ww

A fic only an author could love

So, I was trying to get inspired to write and I realized that I really, really like a story of mine that nobody else seems to. There are good reasons not to like it: it lacks narrative flow and just sort of ebbs away at the end. But it works for me, in part because it doesn't have a real flow; it's a story of a breakdown, of a man who thinks so hard he destroys the natural course of his relationships. No link, because this isn't about trying to get you to read it -- what I wanted to know is whether other authors reading this have beloved monsters, stories that you like even though they didn't get a positive reaction, or as much of a positive reaction as other stories of yours.

What are your orphans, and why do you hold them close to your heart? I would like links, if you're willing to give them, whatever fandom. Readers, your thoughts are welcome too, if you've got them.

And now, a huge number of fiction books: Martha McPhee, Umberto Eco, Stephen King, William Gibson, Tim Cockey, The Mammoth Book of New Horror, Alan Dean Foster, Graham Greene, George Turner, Walter Tevis, Patty Dann, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayer v. 2, Steven Brust, Kage Baker, Peter David, Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions, and James Maxey. I'm pretty sure that's a list that hasn't ever been put together before.

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