August 31st, 2003

rivka as ww


Confidential to MSCollapse )

Today was no-tax day, which made me a very happy woman at Ann Taylor. astolat and our friend G. convinced me to buy a cream silk coat, almost completely useless and fragile but only $25, down from $200. NYC-goers, the Ann Taylor on 80th St. has an incredibly big sale section, with nice stuff. Meanwhile, the bookstore may have my books Tuesday, for my class that started last week, and I can already tell that teaching four days a week is going to be tough. Teach tomorrow? Didn't I *do* that already?

Much, much fiction to review. In the meantime, don't wait; read Ted Chiang's Stories of Your Life and Others now. Every so often, but not nearly often enough, a book comes along that reminds you why you fell in love with sf in the first place. Chiang's won the Hugo and the Nebula and the Campbell and a bunch of other stuff, on the basis of six stories (the seventh is new in this collection), and there's good reason for it. His "what if"s leave me with a sense of wonder and amazement, both at his ingenuity and the vagaries of the human spirit he portrays. The last story, about technology that can remove our ability to recognize beauty in human faces, but only in faces, to decrease appearance-based discrimination, just blew me away.