August 29th, 2003

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Naturally, right after I spent $130 at Borders, they sent me a 15% off coupon, good everywhere in the US for the next few days. Anyone who wants it, drop me a note with your email address, here or at AOL.

In other news, Z. and I are watching Buffy Season 3, slowly, and I just can't agree with jennyo that Wes is a sociopath. There's plenty in the DSM-IV about Wes, for sure, but the man we see on Buffy is awkward in all the wrong ways for sociopathy. Interesting bit in "Choices," though, where he's prepared to let Willow die for the greater good, though obviously unhappy about it; that's a nice bit of character consistency. Apparently Z. finally understood why I liked Buffy when I made him watch "Earshot," because he really liked "We talked, then he fed me the heart of a demon, then we talked some more." "Just the way it should be." (He also liked the earlier bit where Principal Snyder asks Willow and Xander "Are you helping?" (with Buffy's poster-making) and Willow reassures him, "Oh no, we're hindering.") For me, the dialogue winner of the episodes we've seen recently is in "Choices," when Faith shoots the courier bringing the Mayor's box, the Mayor's vamp flunky exclaims, "You killed him!" and Faith looks at him askance and asks, "What are you? The narrator?"

God, I loved that show.