July 24th, 2003

rivka as ww

Getting my Clark on

I'm not really satisfied with this, but I'm trying to be better at (and to) Clark. Let me know what you think. More fun stuff soon.

Cleave: 1. To split with or as if with a sharp instrument.
2. To adhere, cling, or stick fast.

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rivka as ww


We went to see The Black Pirate tonight. Douglas Fairbanks was quite charming, though the stylized acting of silent films doesn't generally appeal to me. The film was only slightly gay: there was a great moment when Fairbanks traps his pirate friend – who's about to bring some food in to the beautiful captured princess – against the wall, with one arm on each side, and asks the friend if he believes in love at first sight. The audience reaction was massive, which gives further credence to my theory that, in a couple of decades, this period will be identified as the period in which homosexuality became part of American culture, in the sense that feminism is part of American culture – a major, acknowledged, but not uncontested, force.

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