July 17th, 2003

rivka as ww

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Okay, so scribblinlenore and I have been discussing some sort of Cliche-fic-a-thon, on the order of Heleninhell's Conventions-a-Go-Go in Sentinel a while back. I have "Switch" to contribute, since as originator I get to retroactively add stories, and I'm working on an amnesia story, while she's got Hooker!Clark in progress. Who would participate, and (independently) what cliches should count? All must end in twu wuv, or at least twu sex. Here's what I've got so far:

- Forced to have sex [by aliens, bad guys, good guys, whatever]
- Hooker!fic
- Amnesia
- Body switching
- Locked in small space
- One cares for the other during slow recuperation from serious injury
- Possibly, sex change (not AU, but waking up with different equipment)

"Pretending to be gay" is the subject of someone else's challenge, so I'm not including it (and my own opinion is that it doesn't rise -- erm, fall -- to the level of a cliche classic like hookerfic, nor does wingfic). What are the other classic, every fandom has 'em cliches? Who wants to play?

Separately, I know davidhearne disagrees with me on this (and makes some very strong points), but I fell in love with "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." The logo alone is so elegant as to make me fall in love; Kyan is gorgeous, a lot like Dylan McDermott; and most of all, I've never been able to watch a reality show because my bulletproof squick is public humiliation. The episode of QESG I saw, though, featured the five guys really trying to help the subject, Adam, make his house nice and his wife happy. They teased, but they truly wanted to do things that would work for him, and he reacted well. It was funny as all get out, but not because anyone was mean. And one of the guys got to say "everyone loves a pearl necklace." There was a great moment when they were cleaning the house, getting rid of scattered kids' toys, and joked about being the mean gays who take away children's toys. I see the objections, and I'm not sure I have a good response to the idea that this show entrenches stereotypes. I'm not sure, though, that the stereotypes are going anywhere *without* the show, and also I suppose my experience with Jew-on-Jew humor has made me more tolerant of people playing with the stereotypes that exist about themselves. Maybe I'm letting funny overwhelm morality; it's definitely worth thinking about. But meanwhile, I suspect I will be watching Kyan.

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