June 30th, 2003

rivka as ww

Today HP, tomorrow the world

The Boston Globe has yet another story about fanfic. It's pretty insulting, in my opinion. To add injury to insult, they don't quote me, though they do quote heidi8 and Meredith McCardle, whose article about the legality of fanfic is here (scroll down; the article is in .pdf format). McCardle's article is written for either a legal or a fan audience. She says many things I agree with and some that I don't; she's clearly less comfortable with trademark law than copyright, and makes the trademark issues too complicated. (The short of it: there's not a trademark problem with fan fiction. Really.)

I have over twenty books stacked up that I ought to review and stories I ought to finish, but the Supreme Court really screwed me in my professional life by refusing to decide Nike v. Kasky, which I was planning to write about, and I need to figure out what to do about that. I already knew they were going to strike down sodomy laws, so the announcement didn't make me feel all that good. In fact, this Term was a real drag; my mom lost her prison visitation case 9-zip, and the end-of-Term cases make the Court look more moderate than it really is, which can only help Bush because people will think that the Court will keep the Republicans from going too far to the right.

At least Derek Lowe continues to make me happy: "They're advocating a mixture of aspirin, a statin, folic acid, an ACE inhibitor, a diuretic, and a beta-blocker. The idea is to go after cardiovascular disease with pretty much all the known therapeutic options at once. This is a touchingly linear approach to drug therapy. It's actually kind of sweet." A man who can think that an approach to drug therapy is cute is my kind of commentator.