June 16th, 2003

rivka as ww

Buffycon/questions from vivwiley

Buffycon was really nice. My panel was not big (it was me and, I think, eight people in the audience), but I had fun. And I got to meet bonibaru, amesville and anamchara, who were wonderful fun, as well as many other people listed by bonibaru. We had lunch with thete1, who is much less scary than I imagined, and much taken with Robin Sachs. Myself, I try not to pay attention to the actors, because it detracts from my pureasthedrivensmut relationship with the characters (see 3.C below), but frankly I could understand the attraction with Mr. Sachs, who was immensely charming and catty. I also bought S1 of Stargate, because why not? Other than that I need a new fandom like I need another hole in the head.

Oh, and I promised bonibaru any story she wanted if she'd make me my Lex vid. She's responsible for "Switch," so this might work out well for all concerned.

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Anyone else want to ask questions?