June 13th, 2003

rivka as ww

Nothing to see here, move along

I'm looking forward to Buffycon. Anyone who wants to meet up, I'll be in the Adams room from 12-1, and after that I'm footloose and fancy free.

I adore Bare the Cross with all my heart. Best use of "Zero" ever, even counting Rivier's Zero Plus which I love, love, love for its metaphors -- somehow, Zero Plus seems less interwoven with Zero's aftershocks than Bare the Cross, even though the former is a fine post-ep short. Bare the Cross just takes the events of Zero and seamlessly weaves them into the larger story of how desire and trust interact, and how the first person you should stop lying to is always yourself.

Ahem. Fangirlishness off. (Oh, no, wait! I had the privilege of hearing about the new Xander series from mustangsally78, so I really enjoyed the contrast between what she said and what Chase revealed. No conflicts, just different emphases.)

At evenbiggerdog's suggestion, I got JLA: Tower of Babel, by Mark Waid et al. The dialogue is lame, as is a beginning sequence in which the JLA has to try to save a city of bacteria living in a boy's brain tumor. But the main plot, in which the members of the JLA are all assaulted in ways perfectly tailored to their vulnerabilities, is spectacular, and its resolution inspired. There are a few evil overlord moments -- it's not clear to me why the bad guy doesn't go for the straight kill on Superman or Green Lantern; the henchpeople have a bad habit of not hanging around long enough to be sure their targets are dead. The central sequence, a flashback with flashbacks embedded in it explaining how the bad guy found out how to get the JLA, is tremendously powerful, though, and makes up for all petty flaws. Tower of Babel is a great showcase for my Dark Knight and, now that I have one, my Superman.