June 9th, 2003

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I did the seasonal fiction shelving today -- thank God for the extra-tall bookcase from Ikea, even if it is in gunmetal gray; it will give me probably another year before I run out of space again. Interesting-to-me facts: I now have about the same number of Stephen King hardcovers, bought as soon as they came out, as I do cheaper paperbacks (counting is made tricky by the Wizard and Glass-type things, and I have The Green Mile as the 6 separate books it was originally published as). I still have slightly more Frederik Pohl than Terry Pratchett. In the Interesting Sequences category, I have Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Jungle, and Book of the Dead 2: Still Dead (ok, I cheated a bit: Book of the Dead is in between, but still).

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I still have about 15 nonfiction books to review, then shelve. I'll try to do them in lots of 5 or so unless people object to having their friends pages cluttered with such things.