June 3rd, 2003

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Grades, and SV

Hi, cruel world!

Still muddling through grading. I've discovered that all the college profs I talk to are hardline, and would fail or give a really, really bad grade to the student I described a few days ago. All the law professors, by contrast, want to cut the kid a break and think a B or B- would be justified because it's rare enough that anyone shows true understanding of a subject. I don't know the source of the divide. Perhaps the law school profs are more confident that any student in the school has some minimum level of competence; perhaps the realities of grade inflation are such that a B- would be a serious insult -- as is certainly the case at my school. One of the things that's made me wobble is that a C would, and a B- still might, foreclose a certain set of jobs for this student. That's just the way things are in the legal world, and maybe grade inflation is to blame. We'll see what happens when the student comes to see me. I'm glad I don't know who it is. Blind grading has risks and surprises, but it's better than having the temptation to shade the grade from the get-go.

MustangSally has made me a SV page at last! Nothing new on there, but change your bookmarks for Disenchanted Kingdom. Graphics-negative for her ease and yours! Thanks, MS. If she's willing, I may put an easter egg somewhere on the page, but not yet.
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