June 1st, 2003

rivka as ww

The joy of music videos

I had a lovely evening out last night with astolat, geekturnedvamp, Z., Astolat's partner, and a geeky friend we have yet to convert to full fannishness. The evening was marred only by the fact that we went to see The Matrix Reloaded. And the bottom third of the screen was out of focus for the entire film. Which circumstance reminds me of the old joke about the nursing home: "The food is so terrible," says one resident. "Yes," the other replies, "and the portions are so small." Our friend did demand passes for all of us, and received them. She is very cool.

astolat and geekturnedvamp are introducing me to the wonderful world of offline vidding, and it is a lot of fun. I have a list of downloaded SV vids I like that I'm going to foist on geekturnedvamp as possibly worth waiting through a bad connection for. Collapse )

In other news, Amazon has a bunch of music one can download in mp3 format. A few appear to be people taking advantage of the new bands format to post unauthorized songs, but most aren't. Kristen Hersh, Dar Williams and the Tom Tom Club, among others, have tracks up; the Dar Williams is a non-album track, Starman, that may horrify purists like M'Sally. Watch out, though, for the big names using Liquid Audio instead. As a result of sampling, I bought a Rockapella disc off Half.com, because I am cheap and also don't like to give money to Amazon for customer service reasons. One might ask whether a person with 14 uninterrupted days of music on her hard drive needs more. But they're neat, and I've got a few gigs left.

Speaking of music, the New Order collection Retro is worth it for serious fans, even though there's at least one full disc, probably two and a half, of stuff you already have. The live disc is good, and some of the remixes are quite enjoyable. The "fan" disc is in my opinion over-focused on the early, Joy Division-type stuff, but wins my vote for its inclusion of "Leave Me Alone." If you're not a fan but like the music, you can get a better basic New Order collection for probably somewhat less in total in the four (five really) discs Low-Life, Brotherhood, Substance, and Technique. Main complaint: the damn thing comes in a package like those extended half-LP sized things stores used to use for CDs so they could retrofit vinyl bins for CDs, except, unlike those old packages, this one isn't half air. It opens up so you see all 4 discs at once, which would be mildly cool if you could then fold it up and actually put it in your CD rack/storage unit, except you can't. It fits on top of mine, though. Grrr.