May 30th, 2003

rivka as ww

Grading woes

Background: My exam had two questions, one worth 20% and the other 80%. I just gave someone who did quite well on the first question -- in the top 14 of 82 -- the lowest score by far on the second question. From A- to C (and that's generous) in one fell swoop. I feel like a failure. The student in question obviously knew copyright law, but didn't treat the second question as if it raised copyright questions at all. I gave a standard (for law school) issue-spotter exam, and everyone else so far has managed to spot the copyright issue in the exam for this copyright class. The student's obviously smart; where did I go wrong? I just know s/he's going to see me about the grade, and I don't know what to say other than "everyone else noticed this."


More book reviews soon, I promise, after I finish the neverending grading.
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