May 25th, 2003

rivka as ww

The weather in San Diego

Is nicer than the weather in NYC. My panel went well, and was well-attended for Sunday at 8:15 in the morning. (I'm lucky I'm still somewhat on NYC time or I never would have made it myself.) I had a lovely dinner with grifyn, evenbiggerdog and Uberkid last night. We discussed infeasible methods of murder -- but where would I get a helicopter? -- and Grifyn and I drank foofy, delicious ice cream drinks while the Big Dog drank manly beer and Uberkid discovered the joys of cranberry juice. Uberkid is, in fact, as adorable as they claim. The Big Dog earned my eternal gratitude for remembering what's possibly my single most favorite moment in Iolokus, when Mulder says that the story about him being able to look at roadsides or other territory and see where a good place is to find a body -- fanon that got its start in Oklahoma, and in way too many other stories -- is way overstated, and he was just answering a call of nature that one time ....

Now I will eat Mexican food before turning to Question 2 on my exam. I had better finish grading here, because if I don't get to FedEx the exams back to myself I will die of overstrain; my shoulders still hurt from dragging them all here through Penn Station, Newark, Detroit, and San Diego Airports.

And here's some Bad Lana. Collapse )