March 21st, 2003

rivka as ww

Syndication, Glorious Syndication

Thanks to various friends and FoFs, I've learned how to put blogs with XML/RSS feeds (they usually show up as little orange boxes at the top of a blog) into my Friends list, which should save considerable time. There are a few sites that say they have xml feeds but don't seem to work, but still it's an improvement.

Most people, as you can see here, use them for comics. Each person who joins makes the feed less "costly" for the other readers -- I myself just halved the cost of the Trademark Blog and became one of eight LJ readers of How Appealing. Cost = use of a limited number of syndication points, 10.0 for a paid member; if no one else on LJ reads the blog, it costs 1.0, and the burden is divided by however many people are reading.

A missing feature that might be useful for low-subscription blogs is a list of who else has "friended" (vile word) the blog, 'cause I'd like to read [the person who I presume is] that other TM lawyer. (In fact, the official LJ text uses "befriend," which is even worse because at least the verb "friend" makes it clear that you're not talking about conventional friendship.)

I still have to visit a bunch of XML-less blogs, but less so than before. Maybe I'll even add my conservative Catholic sister.