January 27th, 2003

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bonibaru is working on a birthday present for seperis -- happy birthday, Jenn! -- and she made me want to develop a fandom term: Smallville Rational Explanation (SRE), not to be confused with a Scully Rational Explanation (SRE), no matter how ludicrous either may be. SRE's can either be variants on "plot rocks are monkey's paws -- they give you what you want, but only in a hideous way!" or lame-ass excuses for Clark's shenanigans that people nonetheless accept because if they didn't they might Figure Stuff Out, and Figuring Stuff Out is equivalent to writing your own death warrant. The latter category includes, say, metal fatigue, adrenalin, or blind luck. Both categories are rational explanations, but only if you're a SV-addled character. I like plot rock SRE's, because at least they can be somewhat consistent over time and require suspension of disbelief only in the laws of nature, not the laws of human behavior as Clark-excusing SREs.

Just a thought.

Jenn, what should I give you for your birthday? Recall that "Switch" took two months to write, and make it easy on me.

Finally, thanks to the nice people who left story-related messages to me in the LJ. I'm reluctant to say "Thanks! Glad you liked it!" a whole bunch of times in public, in part because when I look at the number of comments I like to think "those are all people who liked the story!" and if I replied to them all I'd have to cut that egoboost in half, but I do appreciate all the messages.

Someday, I will make sense again, and that will be a good day. Oh, and Spiders! Done! Done! Fly, be free, you big honkin' albatross!