January 22nd, 2003

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Ragtag Rebel Bands (Insurgence spoilers)

Why yes, I would sit through three repeats of Visage to get Insurgence. Even though I'm Jewish, the best I can come up with is: Sweet merciful Jesus.

Buffy? Who the hell's Buffy?

This post was going to be titled "Men Behaving Badly," but my my my, Martha sure anted up in that last scene. I haven't read anything about this episode, so excuse me if I go astray. Thamiris is going to do a better job than I could ever hope with the origami structure of tragedy played out here, so I'm just going to lecture.

Lex, you stupid fuck. I'd forgive you if you just couldn't keep your temper. I understood why you ordered the bugging, and you seemed to choose a reliable type and couldn't have known about his new, dumbass subordinate. But, dude, never admit that the hostages' lives are worth crap to you. I'd understand if you couldn't pull off just negotiating for the contents of the safe, but "don't hurt them" is not in the Getting to Yes handbook for dealing with henchmen gone awry. I'm beginning to think you'll go bad just so you can stop being the chicken in every showdown.

Clark, you get a pass because you're a kid, and your foolhardiness worked even with dozens of people supposedly watching (though I'd love for Lt. Fargo to recur; she worked her scenes with you to the hilt).

Jonathan, take that platitude shout-out to heart, and when Lex grows up, know that you did your hayseed best to push him along that path.

Martha, you're going to regret being a spy in the house of love. I know you were scared, but those were hands in new places when you were cringing with Lionel, and you should have fought harder to resign.

Lionel, I'm beginning to fear you really are smarter than Lex, who should probably be locked away in a lab somewhere making new poisons for you to use. At least you can run a negotiation.

Oh, and why the hell not: Lana, who gave you permission to exist?

I was going to post a chunk of Switch!, but the tone's so different, I guess I'll wait a bit.