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Unsent letter

Dear XXXX Law Review:

I will pay you a hundred dollars for every person who knows enough to read my article but nonetheless requires an explanation of what Grokster and Napster are. Really. Still, you've worn me down. I'll add footnotes for both.

Also, the reason you liked this article so much was that it didn't read like all the others you get. Thus, your attempt to flatten the language so that it reads more like a law review article is a mistake. I'll give you the elimination of all the contractions; I'll even give you most of the extra "that"s and "which"s. But understand that, while I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake, I can be a more engaging writer than you're allowing me to be.

And in conclusion: You are preventing me from writing fanfiction. Well, you and the three other deadlines for actual work, but I blame you anyway.

Yours sincerely,
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